Friday, August 22, 2008

Ode to Bandipur Jungle

We recorded a song inspired by the sights and sounds of Bandipur Jungle

Ode to Bandipur Jungle
- By Lakshmi Javadekar and Jayesh Kapoor

Bandipur Jungle
Where the peacocks have fun
And the spotted deer run
If you wanna see
The land in harmony
This is where you come

Cheetal, Langoor, Bison
Drinking to their freedom
Little do they see
The tiger by the tree
Thinking Aaah !! There's lunch!

Roaaaaaaar !!

(Western style music depicting scene of desolation after the tiger has had its meal !!)


Shriya said...

wow, great song, can i link the song from my website I will give proper references to your website / blog
you can see some of my pictures on

best regars, bala

kapsio said...

We are surprised that someone actually stumbled upon this. Glad you liked the song. You are welcome to link it from your website. We were at Bandipur earlier this year and the song is really an inspiration from the jungle safaris we were on.

Shriya said...

well being an SEO (search engine optimization person helps in monitoring stuff. I am not much of a technical person. What is the exact URL for this song? MP3 or what ever format. I will link it from my site. Also if you have the lyrics, it would be great. I will list it out on my website
Best regards